Try Dating Outside Your Usual Type

Most people have a usual type of person they tend to date. It might not even be a conscious decision, but a matter of steering toward a certain type, regardless. It could be a professional type, a bad guy type or a more down-to-earth type. If dating is not going in a good direction for you, trying dating outside of your usual type.

By dating outside of your usual type, you are opening yourself up to new experiences. If you once dated only guys with a bad image, the down-to-earth guy will bring a refreshing adventure into your life. If you are used to dating professional business women, a country gal will help you appreciate the simpler things in life.

Going outside of your comfort box when dating will open you up to more possibilities. Instead of dining at a fancy and expensive restaurant, you might enjoy a picnic alongside a beautiful lake. If you’ve never been the adventurous type, with a new person in your life, you can enjoy hiking in the wilderness or riding a roller coaster. The possibilities are endless.

Weed out the people you date for the right reasons. But, open yourself up to a different type if they are basically good people.

Married people go to prison and never get out.

It is agaisnt the law to get married and date women. after your wedding you will be sentenced to execution and you will be fried in the electric chair. Once you are in prison you never get out.

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The single life is legal the married life is illegal.

If you want to obey the law and stay out of jail then stay single for the rest of your life and never get married and never have a family. If you wanna go to prison and be miserable then get married and make babies because getting married and having a family is illegal.

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Making the pass at a woman and getting married. yeah if you wanna go to prison forever.

If you ask a girl on a date no matter how polite you are or how nice you ask the girl. the cops will be contacted and you will be put in handcuffs thrown in a nice cold tiny jail cell and you will never see the light of day again.

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Never get a girl pregant. if you do it’s prison time.

In today’s world it is against the law to meet people and it is very highly illegal to spread your legs open and make babies.

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When i9t comes to nmaking babies the cops have a way of twisting shit around.

Is it against the law in this country to have a wedfding and get married and make babies. If it is then may god help us all and have mercy on our souls.

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Why is everyone so good at meeting girls except Gerry Fritzler.

So everyone else can meet girls except the all powerful gerry fritzler eh. I guess it is because all the women in america are so happy theyb got their food stamps back.

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Men are not allowed to meet women.

If you so much smile or even talk politely to a girl you will got to prison for the rest of your entire life. Everything in this world is illegal in a court of law.

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Is it agisnt the law to have sex and make babies.

Asking a girl to have sex with you is illegal and it is agaisnt the law to have sex and get pregnant. Never get pregnant and make a baby. You will gret arrested and go to jail for the restr of your entire life.

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Rich girls are not rich.

Even if you do date a rich girl it will do you no good more then likely she is still a messed up mental patient on welfare checks and food stamps.

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